Indigo Your partner in mezzanine finance

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Indigo Your partner in mezzanine finance


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Indigo Your partner in mezzanine finance

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Indigo Your partner in mezzanine finance


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Indigo Capital SAS is an independent provider
of mezzanine capital to French and
European businesses


A team of 8 highly-experienced
investment professionals working
together for over 15 years


The Indigo Capital SAS team has been investing
across a broad range of industry sectors
since 2000

Reactivity, rigor, involvement, efficiency, proximity, avaibility

Indigo is a leading provider of financing
for mid market companies

Indigo Capital SAS is an independent investment management firm specialising in the provision of mezzanine and junior capital to mid-market businesses. The management team is composed of 8 professionals, who have been working together for more than 15 years.

Since 2000, Indigo Capital SAS’ managing partners have arranged forty or so mezzanine or capital reorganisation transactions alongside the leading French and European private equity funds, management teams and corporates. Indigo invests in France and in Europe across all industry sectors.

Indigo’s funds are structured as French private equity investment funds (FPCI). Investors in these funds are international institutional investors, private and public pension funds, insurance groups, bank groups, specialised funds-of-funds and family offices. Indigo is currently managing FPCI Indigo Capital, a €250 million mezzanine fund raised in 2014.

The management company is approved and regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF). Indigo is a signatory of the United Nation Principles for Responsible Investments (UNPRI), and is committed to the implementation of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) best practices both at the level of its organization and within its investee companies. Indigo’s ESG charter is available upon request.





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Tailor-made financing solutions to mid-sized French and European businesses

Mezzanine is a flexible financing instrument sharing some of the characteristics of both debt and equity. It is an ideal solution in a variety of situations where bank debt is limited or when a capital increase is not necessary. Mezzanine capital generally takes the form of bonds with warrants, convertible bonds or bonds.


Investment Funds

Indigo provides mezzanine for buyouts alongside private equity funds but also for complex transactions such as carve outs or public to privates requesting tailor-made financing solutions.


Indigo supports the management team of mid-market businesses who wish to increase their ownership in their company. In this later situation, Indigo is positioning itself as the partner of reference of the managers who combine bond financing and minority equity if necessary.

Family shareholders

Indigo supports the Family Shareholders in their business development needs by providing the long term financing for industrial investments, acquisitions, or capital reorganization.

Growth Capital or minority shareholders

Indigo provides innovative and flexible mezzanine solutions to meet the specific financing needs of shareholders (reclassification of shares, balance sheet consolidation post turnaround, refinancing) in supplementing or replacing a capital increase.

Indigo is able to react very quickly to complex financing requirements in order to provide tailor-made solutions for each case. Indigo works in partnership with all the parties involved in her transactions. Indigo’s approach is informal but professional.

Independently owned and funded by institutional investors
28 private equity funds financed
Close to the managers and to their reality in the field
Informal but professional approach






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12, rue Marbeuf
75 008 Paris – France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 56 88 17 50
Fax: +33 (0) 1 56 88 24 88

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